The challenges facing the luxury sector

Benefiting from significant cartelization and a strong openness to exports, the Swiss industry positions itself among internationally recognized players:

50% of the world's watch production comes from Swiss manufacturers. The chemical industry, specialized in dyes, perfume essences, and food flavors, has made Basel its metropolis. The machinery industry is the country's largest industrial employer and exports 78% of its production. The presence of the world's largest producers has made the territory a stronghold of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

The watchmaking industry, in particular, is a sector undergoing profound transformation and development. Techniques and technology are evolving rapidly. The design and typologies of components can become more daring. The means to obtain them, more reliable and robust.

Antaes support

Through its areas of expertise, Antaes supports industry leaders in their quest for performance, competitiveness and operational flexibility. These initiatives involve partners in sectors such as watchmaking, jewelry, mechanics and the precision industry.

Improvement and Lean Management approaches: Operational diagnostics, risk management, continuous improvement and quality approaches, problem solving, productivity through automation

Research & development : Supporting teams in defining product mixes, managing development projects, integrating materials and technologies, product/process FMEA, design, etc.

Supply chain management: Support in defining performance indicators and implementing improvement initiatives, flow optimization/flexibility, inventory management

Industrialization: management of product/process industrialization, launch of capital expenditure projects, management of project teams and partners.

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The elements of change management are at the heart of the projects carried out by Antaes consultants.

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The Antaes method

Antaes relies on solid skills and experience, and on knowledge applied to the products and culture of the sector in which we operate:

  • Create project teams with the customer,
  • Draw up equipment specifications and validate them using a risk-measurement approach,
  • Evaluate partners,
  • Integrate innovative new technologies,
  • Preparing and supporting teams for change,
  • Help improve process robustness,
  • Improve industrial performance,
  • Justify and argue your choices,
  • Present a measured and rigorous schedule,
  • Communicate, exchange and validate project stages with stakeholders.
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