Life Sciences & Biotech

The challenges facing the Life Sciences & Biotech sector

The Life sciences industry is undergoing profound change. Players are regularly faced with new challenges.

In particular, manufacturers are seeking to anticipate changes in markets and technologies by investing massively in R&D, improving manufacturing processes, enhancing supply chain security, complying with regulatory constraints or improving economic profitability.

Knowing how to reinvent oneself, mastering risks and improving one's business model with a focus on patient safety and product efficacy are all key issues for company development.

Antaes support

Antaes operates with a team of consultants specialized in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agri-food, cosmetics, chemicals, biotechnologies, medical devices and laboratories. Our consultants provide organizational, technical and industrial support in the following areas:

Quality by Design approach to engineering and IT issues via: product lifecycle management, risk analysis, quality management

Program and project management with business expertise on subjects such as setting up production units, enterprise information systems, Track and Trace, etc.

Design and development of dedicated or shared e-health solutions. Intranet/Internet/Extranet, standard Web technologies.

Management of data integrity in line with the latest regulatory recommendations (WHO, PIC/S), implementation of process analysis (BPMN) and quality and information systems architecture

Validation of computerized systems and processes in accordance with regulatory requirements and applicable best practices

Preparing for regulatory and supplier audits

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The elements of change management are at the heart of the projects carried out by Antaes consultants.

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The Antaes method

Antaes deploys an integrated approach from the diagnostic phase through to final validation of the solution.

Our approach is multi-disciplinary and respectful of existing cultures, people and processes. Our teams of consultants are experts in regulatory affairs, GxP quality approaches and the technical fields they use throughout the project cycle.

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