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The talented people who join us are rigorous, active listeners, ambitious and open to new ideas.

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Personalized support throughout your career.

Our consultants are our foremost ambassadors. They embody the image of Antaes, our passion for technology, and the consulting world. The variety of personalities and skills among our consultants enriches the quality of our services.

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We invite you to follow an integration journey. This allows you to discover the company and its key contacts, who will support you throughout your career as a consultant. Our structure provides personalized support to help you understand the various aspects of the profession.


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Enhancing the potential
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We create a favorable work environment, encouraging everyone to unleash their potential and develop their skills. Drawing on our experience, we define a personalized career path with each of our consultants to meet their expectations and goals. Through the diversity of our activities, the variety of our professions, and our opportunities in Switzerland and internationally, Antaes offers many advantages for your professional future

The Practices bring together our Consultants, each rich with their respective backgrounds and varied experiences. They enable them to share concerns, a set of issues, or a passion for a subject, and to deepen their knowledge and expertise in their field. Each Practice Leader animates their community on a daily basis through workshops, conferences, case studies, expertise sessions, and more.

<span>Numerous corporate events are organized throughout the year (Kick off, Workshops, Summer & Winter Events, Sporting Events, meetups...). These events are opportunities to shape the culture of our company.</span>

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Bringing together skills to achieve objectives. Demanding high standards of employee commitment. Provide the necessary training. Master best practices in terms of project management and methodological approach.

Respect for individuals

Our consultants are recognized for their talent, behavior and integrity. Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit. Reward hard work.


Respect the commitments made to our employees and customers. Ensure fairness and respect for differences. Observe the rules of business management, administration and legislation.

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