CSR approach

CSR Antaes

Our CSR commitments

At Antaes, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about taking responsibility for social equity, economic efficiency and environmental protection.

By integrating this approach into our strategy and promoting related actions on a daily basis, we are defending essential values: ethics, civic commitment, respect for the environment and the pursuit of excellence. Antaes' CSR policy is inspired by the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Following our previous EcoVadis certifications, which awarded us a Gold rating and placed us in the top 3% of companies, Antaes is maintaining its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our CSR policy, actions and objectives are updated annually and made available to our employees and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners) on request at info@antaes.ch.

The main thrusts of our policy

Our vision revolves around 4 major themes

Documents available on request from info@antaes.ch :

  • ANTAES CSR report and approach
  • ANTAES Ethics Charter
  • ANTAES IT Charter
  • Data Protection Policy ANTAES and ANTAES Asia
  • ANTAES training and development plan
  • Supplier relations and responsible purchasing charter

Our partners

As part of our CSR commitment, Anates sponsors/partners with associations and thus enables employees to benefit from various advantages


Apidae Association fighting for the multiplication of bees in urban areas. Antaes sponsors 20,000 bees and offers you the harvest of their honey when you arrive. Thanks to this association, we can also organize events such as Kid's Day to raise your children's awareness of the importance of preserving the environment.

Action Margaux

Action Margaux is a non-profit organization that promotes the employability of people with cancer. Thanks to this partnership, Antaes employers and employees are aware of the different ways of dealing with such delicate situations. The donations made each year are used to support the coaches in charge of these difficult assignments.

The night of the common good

Antaes also supports charitable events such as the "Night of the Common Good". This year, each registered employee could take advantage of an envelope provided by Antaes to vote and decide to make a donation to the association of their choice. In all, 9 associations were represented and over CHF 600,000 was raised.


Arc Annecy is a running association. ARC ANNECY's aim is to create a friendly, intimate and minimalist group. Our philosophy is twofold: sharing experiences and good energy. Thanks to our partnership with Antaes, you can benefit from free (limited) memberships and training programs. We also organize training sessions for the climbing race. By joining the association, you can benefit from discounts when registering for official races.

FC City

As part of our partnership with FC City, Antaes supports equality between children on the pitch by offering the juniors a training kit so that they all have the same jersey. Sporting values are strong at Antaes and we advocate access to the same rights and duties. This starts at an early age.

Project Smile

In Singapore, Antaes is involved with Project Smile, which helps women from less privileged backgrounds to acquire skills and integrate socially. The association offers training programs in sewing, arts and crafts, cooking, conferences and "motivational talks", as well as online computer courses, all of which enable participants to acquire new skills, earn extra income and boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

But also :
Sharing Saturday
Reading and getting others to read