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A Proactive Recruitment Process

Our recruitment and onboarding process takes place in three phases:

Your Application
Your application will be carefully studied, and your skills and motivations reviewed with respect to our own selection criteria and career opportunities. Several individual interviews will be conducted by the Recruitment and Management Teams, including senior consultants at Antaes. You will be given the opportunity to describe your skills and values, your career plan, and your motivations. Your interviewers will share detailed information with you on our company policy, internal organization, and career development opportunities.

The Projects
Throughout your career with Antaes, you will take part in projects to suit your goals and professional ambitions. Each project lasts two years on average, to give you sufficient time to fully grasp the context of a company and bring added value to it. Your manager and the Practices will help you define the scope of the missions, understand project objectives, and find solutions to issues and challenges.

Our Collaboration
Your collaboration with Antaes goes beyond the scope of the project; indeed, many events are organized to give all Antaes employees the opportunity to meet and interact. These include Practice Meetings, Summer and Winter Events, Antaes Tuesdays, etc. We will be happy to explain the contents of these events during an interview.

A Proactive Recruitment Process

Individual coaching

Upon Your Arrival…
From the very first days of your arrival within Antaes, we invite you to partake in an onboarding program to get acquainted with the company and its key members who shall accompany you throughout your career as a consultant. Our structure will provide you with personal guidance to comprehend the various facets of our trade.
This onboarding program shall also be the opportunity to build a close partnership between the management team (managers, HR team, administrators) and the consultants.

  • Annual review & intermediary assessments: several individual meetings are scheduled throughout the year to discuss your involvement and progress. The annual review defines priorities for the development of skills, training, and responsibilities.
  • Joining a skills hub: consultants are given the opportunity to join a skills hub with a view to sharing operational feedback and formalizing methodological approaches.

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