Our CSR Commitments

The Antaes CSR approach


At Antaes, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an awareness issue in terms of social equity, economic efficiency, and environmental preservation.

By integrating this approach into our strategy and promoting the related actions daily, we are upholding essential values: ethics, civic commitment, respect for the environment, and the pursuit of excellence. The Antaes CSR Policy is inspired by the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Pact.

Following its previous EcoVadis certifications, which awarded us a Gold rating and thus enabled us to be ranked among the top 3% of companies with the best ratings, Antaes maintains its commitment to social responsibility.

Our CSR policy as well as our performed actions and objectives are updated annually and made available to our employees and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners) and available on request at info@antaes.ch.

The Antaes CSR approach

The key points of our policy

Our vision is based on 4 main themes:

  • Environmental Responsibility

    • Measuring and limiting our environmental impact
    • Optimizing our consumption of resources and energy
    • Reducing our waste and favoring the circular economy
    • Raising employee awareness of eco-gestures and actions to preserve the environment
  • Ethical Responsibility

    • Maintaining transparency
    • Ensuring the protection of the data of the various stakeholders
  • Social Responsibility

    • Ensuring good working conditions and the respect of human rights
    • Fostering diversity, equity and access to training
    • Contributing to local growth and solidarity-based development by promoting our territorial integration
  • Economic Responsibility

    • Practicing a responsible purchasing policy: engaging customers and suppliers in a mutual approach
    • Ensuring the company’s sustainability
    • Generating value and security for our customers

A Word from the Expert

Pascal, Antaes Managing Partner

Antaes seeks to adopt a CSR strategy and to develop around specific issues: ecological, economic, and social. We are building a vision of sustainable development by putting people and the planet at the center of our strategy. We strive to implement a responsible purchasing policy, to raise awareness and to enable as many of our…


Documents available upon request at info@antaes.ch:

  • ANTAES CSR report and approach
  • Ethical charter ANTAES
  • ANTAES IT Charter
  • ANTAES Data Protection Policy and ANTAES Asia
  • ANTAES training and development plan
  • Charter for responsible supplier relations and purchasing