Our expertise

A dynamic and targeted experience capitalization process

Capitalization of skills per area of expertise

The Antaes culture has developed a community of “Practices” around the activities and professions in which our consultants work. Each Practice is autonomous and manages the calendar of its quarterly meetings as well as the themes and topics presented. (Workshop, conference, case review, expertise, etc.)

The Practices are talent pools where our Consultants bring their rich and varied backgrounds and experiences, and where they can share their concerns and issues or their passion for a subject in particular; alternatively, they can further their knowledge and expertise in their respective field. Our consultants do not necessarily work together every day, but they can meet within the Practices to benefit from these interactions and stay in touch beyond the scope of regular meetings. Spending time together, sharing information and advice helps foster best practices, solve issues, learn, and develop new ideas.

Getting involved in these Practices helps each of our consultants hone their professional skills, develop new ways of addressing issues, and grasp the complexity of their missions’ challenges, thereby guaranteeing a high level of service to our clients and partners.

Capitalization of skills per area of expertise

The Practices at Antaes

Our Practices are business incubators and boosters that focus on our Consultants’ satisfaction and recognition as well as on delivering the highest level of service to our Clients. Today, our six Practices count more than 250 Consultants in total.

  • Public Project Management
  • Industrial engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Banking and Finance
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical
  • Digital and Big Data
  • Transformation, Risks and Learning