Why use DevOps ?

Why use DevOps ?

The topic of the month of May was the DevOps IT toolset. That’s why a meeting was held for this purpose.

During the IT Practice meeting presented by Nikolaus Haberer on May 19, we had the opportunity to learn about DevOps and how it works. Nikolaus compared companies that use DevOps for their collaborative approach to those that do not.

It is clear that the improvements of using a DevOps approach to project development are real; especially in deployment and continuous integration.

These applications represent a unique source of information to describe the health, status, and condition of applications used in the company.

To support the software deployment process, DevOps connects to a wide range of tools.  They are used in a software development process for the following tasks: source code management, automatic testing applications, monitoring applications and many others.

After reviewing how DevOps works, Nikolaus then analyzed and explained the different terms used in its usage.

From terms like EPICs, UserStories, Features, Tasks, Issues, … and many more.

The theoretical information provided was then supported by real examples from customer projects in order to observe real use cases.

Many areas were not yet covered, such as CI/CD pipelines, often referred to as the “backbone” of DevOps applications.

We are looking forward to the next presentation of the infinite world of DevOps applications, where we will be able to address the topics left out during this meeting.

Many thanks to Stéphane and Sophie for organizing this Practice meeting and to Nikolaus for his presentation.


Why use DevOps ?