Welcome to Pablo, Business Manager!

Welcome to Pablo, Business Manager!

A new Manager has joined the Antaes Team!

Pablo will be responsible for the development of our activities in German-speaking Switzerland alongside Jason. Welcome to our office in Zurich!

Pablo, can you tell us more about yourself?
My name is Pablo, I come from Monaco, even if in reality I am Swiss, Italian and Spanish.
By training, I am an EPFL engineer in Microtechnology – the science of the infinitely small – but I did not stay long in this field. I continued my career in aviation in the United States and then in digitalization within a start-up in Germany, notably as a Project Manager in R&D.

Before joining Antaes, I pursued an entrepreneurial activity, which allowed me to enrich my business and software skills.

Why did you choose to join Antaes?
Antaes offered me the opportunity to make full use of my skills in different technical and non-technical branches, it is this multidisciplinarity, combined with exceptional human contact during recruitment and the prospect of continuing to learn every day that guided my choice.

What do you think is most important for feeling good about a job?
The most important is a position for which we are excited to get up in the morning, a position that enriches me and of course a position in a team that is there to share successes as well as to support each other in delicate moments. .

In three words, how would you describe your experience with Antaes?
Professionalism, support, trust

And finally, a more personal question: what is your favorite movie quote?
“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”

Welcome to Pablo, Business Manager!