Bikes, Mechatronics and Books, the story of Nikolaus

Bikes, Mechatronics and Books, the story of Nikolaus

Every story at Antaes is unique, and Nikolaus is no exception. From riding and repairing bikes as a child to becoming a mechatronics specialist, discover the background and the passions of our consultant in his portrait!

  • Can you explain your background? (Studies and professional direction)

When I was a kid, I had a lot of fun repairing my bike which led to a passion for solving issues with minimum effort, and it taught me that I am talented in handicrafts. So, I decided to make a 3-year apprenticeship as a mechatronic after finishing secondary school. But being the technical implementer was not fulfilling my demand for more. More responsibility, being challenged more, and being more on the forefront of technology – that was my motivation to return to school and to achieve the needed degree to enter university, and later enhancing my mechatronic background on the theoretical side.

Finishing the Master of Science program in Mechatronic I was fully equipped with knowledge. Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, which is still very helpful to understand issues that are raised for example from the shopfloor but are sourced in the engineering processes.

  • What interested you to do this job?

The main reason I am working as a consultant is my inner urge to help and support people. Being able to translate the needs between hierarchies, due to my various experiences with different kind of collaborators is bringing joy to me.

Most issues can be solved technically, but frequently the technical resolution is not the problem. The expectation of people within the different entities or departments, the communication in general, and the way of behaving within a project is key.

And this is exactly what interests me and drives me forward. And in parallel, I remain in touch with the technical implementation.

  • Do you have a particular hobby? If so, can you tell us more about it ?

My current passion is in Enduro biking and I totally love to be exhausted by going downhill a trail and I am not that much into going uphill, but for sure… you must go uphill as well. This summer, the “Megavalanche” takes place, and I’ll be able to compete alongside amateurs as well as professional riders. I do not think that I will get qualified for the finals, but who knows? Having a nice time with your friends in an awesome area is the main goal. The secondary is goal is to get to the finish line without crashing or having a puncture, instead of finishing at a certain ranking.

  • Are there any skills that you have acquired through your hobby that you can apply in your professional context?

I would not say skill, but rather a “habit”. The habit to get up after a crash or accident and to continue as soon as possible. It prevents you from getting blocked on the long run. It is quite normal to fail, to even break something sometimes, but to go ahead with your idea and extending your skills.

In addition, you learn to trust people. Regardless of whether you are competing in a team sport or not. You trust people to teach you something, and to trust your team members. One learns quickly that achievements are not reached by a single person (yourself) and that you are a tiny light on the planet.

  • What is the last book that really made an impression on you?

Daniel Kahnemann – Thinking fast and slow
It is a game changer for everyone, in my opinion. Independently from the domain you are interested in… The way it describes how we are biased and why we are sometimes acting like we do is massive… It is a must read.

Bikes, Mechatronics and Books, the story of Nikolaus