The story of Valérie, in charge of Antaes’ back-office for 13 years

The story of Valérie, in charge of Antaes’ back-office for 13 years

I joined Antaes in the Back-Office team more than 13 years ago.

My career at Antaes has been very enriching; I started my activities by taking care of the recruitment process (organization of candidate interviews, monitoring of pools), in parallel I was responsible for monitoring sales administration (drafting of service contracts, monitoring of contractual deadlines, contacts with customers), while managing the HR aspects of employees (setting up employee files, work permits, family allowances, etc.) and consultant relations. This period allowed me to have a global vision of our activities and to diversify my knowledge.
I was then entrusted with the management of salaries and the relationship with our trustee. I was thus able to learn the principles of accounting and payroll, which added a string to my bow.

Today, my motivation is to get closer to our collaborators, that’s what drives me every day. Antaes was able to hear my wish. I am responsible for the integration phase of new employees; I have a role to play in the follow-up of consultants and I take care of the training perimeter.

Antaes is an unprecedented experience for me. I joined this company as a start-up because the management team represented the values but also the principles that drive me in my work.
Today Antaes has become a real reference in the consulting market and my convictions remain intact.

We are fortunate to work in a harmonious environment, which allows us to build trust and good cooperation with both management and colleagues.

The open-door policy is not a legend here! The simplicity of the exchanges, the respect, the honesty are invaluable elements of distinction which support and motivate the commitment of the collaborator.

My attachment to our company also resides in the ability of our managers to encourage progress, to value and motivate autonomy and to accompany their teams at times when it is less easy to work.

If I had not worked in the administrative/HR field, I would have liked to join a social structure, as a specialized educator of young children, I wanted to work in contact with children, to contribute to their development, to their adaptation to life in a community, to succeed in arousing their curiosity…

If I had to summarize my daily life at my employer, I would mention these words: Proximity, unity, progress, innovation.
It is great to work at Antaes!

The story of Valérie, in charge of Antaes’ back-office for 13 years