Practices « Industrial Expertise », « Business Analysis and Project Management » and « Risks Management Compliance »

"Industrial Expertise" practice: The reorganization of assembly workshops - Practice "BA / PM": Project Management and Pandemic - Practice "GRC": Working effectively in groups during the pandemic

Pascal, Senior Consultant at Antaes, has just completed a long assignment for one of our clients, a connector manufacturer.

During the meeting of the “Industrial Expertise” Practice, he took the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience by presenting this project to his colleagues, whose goal was to triple the capacities of the assembly department to gain in productivity while by optimizing logistics.

This went through a regrouping of manufacturing processes within autonomous islands served by air transit, by an optimization of the order preparation process with the addition of innovative picking means and IT digitization and automation.

From now on, the members of the Practice will be well armed if they are faced with a project of this type at another of our clients.


The “Risk Management – Compliance” Practice also held a session on solutions for working effectively in groups during the Covid. Thanks to agile, miro, klaxoon, mural or experience feedback solutions, working as a team during this unique situation has always been possible. This session was inspiring and rich in teachings.


Finally, the “Business Analysis and Project Management” Practice is not left out since it focused on the theme: Project management and pandemic what has changed?

In this context of social distancing and people at a standstill, we have to face a major problem: maintain the link between employees, retain our customers, while respecting the health instructions to deal with the coronavirus.

This requires an adaptation of the internal and external means of communication, with an organization of work to be rethought, and new tools to be implemented.

The participants therefore made an overview of the means and tools put in place to ensure the smooth running and have a clear vision of the progress of their projects, and to maintain good interaction between the members of the project team.

They also did a test to determine their emotional quotient, which gave a “non-scientific” but interesting vision of the emotional level at which they are located, in certain situations