The rich story of Anna, Antaes consultant

The rich story of Anna, Antaes consultant

Between travels, highly competitive sports, and now a career in consulting, learn more about the rich background and many experiences of Anna, Antaes consultant.


Anna, can you tell us about your background?

Since I was a child, I have been passionate about foreign languages and cultures, which is why I chose to pursue linguistic training.

With a Master’s degree in translation and interpretation in hand, I have worked in various fields: sports, medicine, logistics, cinema, digital… Foreign languages are for me a gateway to rich and exciting experiences.

At the age of 28, I joined an important cosmetics company. This step allowed me to evolve as a Digital Manager, an expert in the field of e-commerce and web marketing, to develop in a dynamic and international context. Defining the digital strategy, piloting web projects, managing e-commerce offers have become my daily concerns.


Your encounter with Antaes?

The meeting with Antaes did not happen by chance. I would define it as a provoked opportunity. The desire to devote myself to project management was welcomed with great consideration and kindness by Anne, my Antaes manager.

This meeting gave me a new impulse in my professional life with the strong feeling of sharing the same vision of business and human relations.

What I appreciate most in my work is the prospect of new challenges, new encounters, which force me to reinvent myself, to constantly improve. Each project has its own life and I have to adapt and immerse myself in a new environment.


Sport and professional life: how are they linked to you?

Table tennis is a sport that has always accompanied me since the age of 6. I went through all the stages: amateur beginnings, intensive training, competitions, national team champion title, coach…

Highly competitive sports have always been a determining factor in my life. Surpassing oneself, team spirit, positive attitude are values applied to my professional life, as vectors of progression.

At the moment, I have put my table tennis practice on hold. The desire to experience something else has taken over. Skiing and climbing have become my main activities.


A quote that sums up your philosophy of life

The secret of happiness is to do what you love. The secret of success is to love what you do. (Buddha)

The rich story of Anna, Antaes consultant