Gilles Nicolle, Founding Partner and Managing Director, ceases his managerial activities after 14 years at the head of Antaes

Gilles Nicolle, Founding Partner and Director, ceases his managerial activities after 14 years at the head of Antaes

How do you feel about your departure?

This departure has been prepared for a long time with the Antaes Partners and we were able to organize the handover of the various activities with the people concerned in a smooth manner.

I wanted to make this departure as simple as possible and I must say that the governance of Antaes, which has been in place since the company’s creation, made things much easier. The Partners each have a certain number of responsibilities and all contribute to the overall governance of the company, which has made it possible to spread my management activities over several people. I was then able to progressively pass on my managerial and commercial responsibilities to several Business Managers who know Antaes and its activities well.

All this to say that I leave serene and confident about Antaes’ ability to continue its progress. I am satisfied and proud of the path we have taken, and delighted to have been able to work with so many talented people within the company over the past fourteen years.

How will your future life be organized; do you already have plans?

I already have several associative activities and I will be able to devote myself fully to them, especially in the development of the RCSR rugby club (Rugby Club Savoie Rumilly) in which I have worked for a long time. We have ambitious sporting objectives (rise to the National level) and for that we will have to continue the structuring of the club and amplify our capacity to generate additional income to give the club the means of its ambitions. It will also be the opportunity to spend more time with my family, which I have not always been able to do well before, and certainly take advantage of it to organize some trips outside the usual vacation periods.

What is the success of Antaes that you are most proud of?

The Antaes project is above all a human adventure imagined in the minds of four people, the historical partners, and which we have been able to bring to reality over the years. As I have already said, I am leaving serene and confident in Antaes’ ability to continue its progress. I am so because Antaes is a team of motivated, competent and professional men and women who have joined us progressively, year after year, to work for the success of the company, in Switzerland, Asia and neighbouring France. They are also customers who are satisfied with our services and the spirit in which we develop our partnerships. It is a complex balance to organize and to maintain over time. I am really proud of this observation shared by all those who know Antaes and of the important socio-economic role that the company has been able to build in its various economic environments.

Do you have any regrets about leaving your position?

No, not really, as you can understand by reading these few lines. It is true that I would have preferred to leave outside of this period of health crisis which forces us all to minimize our exchanges and prevents us from fully benefiting from shared moments of conviviality. It is also true that this situation did not allow me to say goodbye to our teams in Asia and I regret it. I will certainly have the opportunity to make up for it during a future personal trip to Singapore.

Which advice or last words would you like to address to the Antaes teams?

I have already had the opportunity to thank them for their commitment to my work, and I would like to thank them again. I would especially like to mention the pleasure of succeeding together, of taking up new challenges each year and of being a reference player in our markets.

I am convinced that building the future while maintaining our characteristics of performance, conviviality and mutual respect will be a key element in our shared success.

Gilles Nicolle, Founding Partner and Director, ceases his managerial activities after 14 years at the head of Antaes