Antaes: « Motivation Factor » seminar

Antaes : "Motivation Factor" Seminar

57% of our efficiency is based on our motivation. But what is motivation? And what are my motivations?

“Ms Ariane Verrijken, a certified “Motivation Factor » coach from Belgium, shared her experience in order to get to know ourselves to give our best. She declined the theme of motivation according to several parameters and accompanied the participants in the associated exercises:

1. How to save energy to focus on the essentials?
2. How to define our needs, by analysing the results of the test done beforehand individually to reflect our motivation factors?
3. What is the meaning of our actions and what governs them?

We have been able to work on our talents, our feelings, our unpleasant or pleasant sensations (What) associated with an individual or a situation (Why). Identifying these interrelated internal and external elements has allowed everyone to build their own hierarchical pyramid of motivation.

It is therefore interesting to listen to these factors to better identify and express our needs, in order to have a better efficiency on our objectives. To go further, you can consult the TDEX of Simon Sinek, referent in the field of personal motivation.

For my part, this seminar allowed me to better target my various motivational levers, while enriching myself with the experiences of other collaborators present.

“As for the future, it is not a question of predicting it, but of making it possible. ” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry”

Aldric, consultant at Antaes

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