Action Margaux : Antaes apoints two “Sponsors Antaes”

Action Margaux : Antaes apoints two "Sponsors Antaes"

Antaes has been a member of the Action Margaux association since April, as part of its CSR policy.

Non-profit association recognized as a public utility, Action Margaux aims to make the link between cancer and the world of work. It promotes the employability of sick people, supports employers in the management of these illnesses and sets up public communication campaigns to break the taboo of cancer within companies.

In order to ensure the participation of Antaes within this association as well as possible, and to allow all interested collaborators to be able to get involved, we have appointed two “Antaes sponsors”: Alizé (Talent Acquisition) and Sonia (Administration). They represent Antaes with the association, and are at your disposal for any questions or information concerning the participation of our company. We are delighted to be able to become more actively involved as an employer in this process, and to be able to develop this subject, which is still too taboo in the professional world.

Action Margaux : Antaes apoints two