A new Manager in Singapore

A new Manager in Singapore

In February, Antaes Asia welcomed Ludovic Bui as a Business Manager. Learn more about him in his interview!

  • Ludovic, can you tell us about your background?

My pronounced interest in international affairs, as well as my personal projects have allowed me to study and work in France, the United States, Taiwan and recently in Switzerland. Having a Master “Programme Grande Ecole”, specializing in International Business at the Paris School of Business, I had the opportunity to join Antaes 2 years ago as a Business Manager.

  • Why did you choose to join Antaes Asia?

My choice and willingness to pursue my career in Asia is not new, as you may have read above, I am an explorer by nature and always ready to take on new challenges. Having visited Singapore a few years ago, the image of this breathtaking country has left its mark on my mind where diversity is at the crossroads of several cultures.
Therefore, when I learned that Antaes Asia, a structure that promotes intrapreneurship, wanted to strengthen its anchorage on the Singaporean territory, I showed my interest in it and combined with my taste for challenge, it worked well and I could seize this new challenge!

  • In your opinion, what is the most important to feel good in a job?

I like having autonomy in my daily life, as well as having the opportunity to evolve in an environment with high added value.

  • In 3 words, how would you describe your experience with Antaes?
  1. Apprenticeship: a training course in the profession of Business Manager.
  2. Trust: a mutual trust with my HR and administration colleagues, other Business Managers and the management.
  3. Fun: work yes but without taking oneself too seriously either…
  • Finally, a more personal question: if you could have chosen, when would you have liked to have lived?

The Gatsby Years!

A new Manager in Singapore