09.04.2020 – Practice “Industrial Expertise”: Project management with the Agile Method!

Project management with the Agile Method!

In these times of uncertainty, reactivity and adaptation needs in the management of industrial projects, the members of the “Industrial Expertise” Practice were able to meet by videoconference for a presentation by Geoffrey of the Agile Method.

So, what is the Agile Method?

In the case of Antaes and Geoffrey in particular, it is an application for one of our customers in Geneva, allowing us to adapt very quickly to the constraints and moving data of a project, while delivering solutions and achievements by level. This, by iterative loops, in a pragmatic and participative way.

As a result, users quickly see concrete advances in the field and can quickly capitalize on these results.

So here we are, armed to adjust the management of our clients’ projects during this more than disrupted period!

The Practice ended with a progress report on the tools. Since the beginning of 2019, the consultants of this Practice have set up small working groups to help their colleagues progress in their mission. They come together to build methodologies, templates and other useful documents for starting a new project.

Project management with the Agile Method!