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The Issues of the Industrial Sector
The Issues of the Industrial Sector

The Swiss industry is recognized as a worldwide leader with its extensive cartelization and export activities:

50% of the world’s watch production comes from Swiss manufacturers. The chemical industry, which specializes in coloring agents, perfumes and flavors, has turned Basel into its metropolis. The machinery industry is the country’s first industrial employer, exporting 78% of the production.
A host to major international producers, Switzerland is a stronghold of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

The world of watchmaking in particular is undergoing profound changes and development. Rapidly evolving techniques and technologies allow for a daring and reliable approach to component design and typology.

The Issues of the Industrial Sector

Antaes guidance and support

Antaes draws on its areas of expertise to support and assist industry leaders in their quest for performance, competitiveness and operational flexibility. These initiatives are carried out in partnership with watchmaking, railway transportation, pharmaceuticals, food processing, mechanics and precision industry players.

  • Improvement and Lean Management: Operational audit, risk management, continuous progress and quality measures, problem solving, productivity through automation.
  • Supply Chain Management: Support with the definition of performance indicators and implementation of improvement measures, flow optimization / flexibility, stock management.
  • Research and Development: Assisting the teams in defining product assortments, development project steering, integration of new materials and technologies, AMDEC product/process, design.
  • Industrialization: Product/process management, launching of investments, steering of project teams and partners.

A Word from the Expert

Eric, Practice Leader

Nos consultants, ingénieurs ou techniciens de la Practice Expertise Industrielle, par leurs savoir-faire complémentaires, démontrent une réelle capacité à accompagner nos clients ainsi que leurs fournisseurs des industries : mécaniques, horlogères, ferroviaires, électriques, aéronautiques, machines spéciales, pharmaceutique, medical device, … Ils interviennent dans la durée ou plus ponctuellement sur des projets industriels de : •…

The Antaes method

Antaes puts its extensive skills, experience and expertise at the service of the products and culture pertaining to its field of intervention, in order to:

  • Create the project teams with the client,
  • Draft equipment specifications and validate them as part of a risk measurement approach,
  • Assess the partners,
  • Integrate new innovative technologies,
  • Prepare and support the teams in a changing environment,
  • Improve process robustness,
  • Improve industrial performance,
  • Justify and argue choices,
  • Present a detailed and thorough schedule,
  • Communicate and validate the project stages with the stakeholders.

A Word from the Expert

Thierry, Expert Consultant Antaes - Business Management Consulting Offer

Our consultants’ expertise in logistics, industrial management, information systems, and digital transformation enables us to provide our clients with solutions that promote their development and profitability within a controlled performance framework. Our innovative yet robust approaches are vectors of differentiation and added value for our clients. Above all, we value pragmatism, efficiency, innovation, teamwork, and…

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