Industrial engineering

From innovative technologies to process optimization

Our Offer
Our Offer

Our consultants and experts at Antaes are dedicated to supporting industry leaders in their quest for competitiveness and productivity.

From undertaking innovation and product/process investment projects to conducting industrial performance measures, our support and guidance is based on multi-sectoral feedback:

  • Watchmaking and luxury goods industry, mechanical and precision engineering, railway industry, electronics, mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, automotive, telecommunications, logistics, agri-food industry

Our consultants provide support and guidance in:

  • Design, development and industrialization of new products/processes, industrial performance through the application of continuous improvement tools, automation and robotization, optimization of the supply chain, transfer of skills.
Our Offer

Industrial project management

Antaes supports its clients in managing their projects to meet costs, deadlines and quality requirements.

  • Analysis of industrial needs and budget sizing
  • Mobilization and coordination of internal/external project teams
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Action-based training in project management methods and tools

A Word from the Expert

Thierry, Expert Consultant Antaes - Business Management Consulting Offer

Our consultants’ expertise in logistics, industrial management, information systems, and digital transformation enables us to provide our clients with solutions that promote their development and profitability within a controlled performance framework. Our innovative yet robust approaches are vectors of differentiation and added value for our clients. Above all, we value pragmatism, efficiency, innovation, teamwork, and…


Antaes supports its partners in the design and development of new products and innovative manufacturing processes.

  • Needs analysis, functional and technical specifications, simulation, technology watch)
  • Implementation of validation processes and experimental plans
  • Integration of innovative technologies
  • Project steering within internal and external R&D teams (subcontractors, laboratories)

A Word from the Expert

Eric, Practice Leader

Nos consultants, ingénieurs ou techniciens de la Practice Expertise Industrielle, par leurs savoir-faire complémentaires, démontrent une réelle capacité à accompagner nos clients ainsi que leurs fournisseurs des industries : mécaniques, horlogères, ferroviaires, électriques, aéronautiques, machines spéciales, pharmaceutique, medical device, … Ils interviennent dans la durée ou plus ponctuellement sur des projets industriels de : •…


Antaes is committed to improving the productivity and flexibility of its partners’ tools.

  • Cost, time, process quality, and resources optimization
  • Plant load steering
  • Quality measurement and improvement
  • Organization of production teams

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