Être consultant chez Antaes

Enhancing the potential and skills of our teams

People at the heart of Antaes

The talented people who join our teams are focused, empathic, responsive, driven, and resolutely turned toward new ideas.

Our consultants represent Antaes, they convey our values and passion for technology and consulting. The prolific character and skill diversity in our pool of consultants brings added value to our consultancy service. You Matter! Your wellbeing within our firm is our concern, and so is your career development which we monitor on an ongoing basis throughout our collaboration.

People at the heart of Antaes

We support and guide you throughout your career

Career Building
Recruitment, projects, responsibilities, training, personalized career management are at the heart of the Antaes HR strategy. We create a stimulating and motivating work environment and encourage our team members to reveal their potential and develop their skills. We draw on our experience to define a personalized career plan with each of our consultants to meet their goals and expectations. Antaes offers a wide range of career development opportunities via the sheer diversity of its activities and trades, and through its connections in Switzerland and on an international scale.

Antaes is dedicated to excellence, building on its experience and ability to develop the skills of our team members. Our clients place their trust in us for they know our consultants never fail to deliver high-quality service and expertise. We conduct pro-active and dynamic training programs based on technology, methodology, and personal development. Each program is individualized and leads to manager/consultant brainstorming sessions during career assessments.

Corporate Culture
Antaes greatly values every one of its members, and has their best interests at heart; consequently, it seeks to offer a warm and friendly working environment where consultants feel happy to develop synergies and share experiences. Many corporate events are organized throughout the year (Strategic Kick-Offs, Practice Workshops, Informative Tuesdays at Antaes, Summer & Winter Events, Sporting Events, etc.) These occasions further develop and strengthen our company culture.