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Digital transformation challenges
Digital transformation challenges

In the late 20th century, firms sought to develop a digital hub within their structure. Today, they must go digital!

Social networks, Big Data, e-CRM, Deep Learning, IoT, real time decision support, etc. In addition to revolutionizing the way things are done, these approaches profoundly upend everything we knew thus far and open the way for fantastic new opportunities!

Hence, the challenges facing you in this new millennium include Identifying such opportunities for your organization, adapting your tools and processes accordingly, and even rethinking your business model and accompanying the ensuing changes.

Digital transformation challenges

Antaes guidance and support

Antaes accompanies you in this strategic turn.

Whatever the stage of your evolution, our digital experts listen to you, advise you and assist you in your digital transformation.

  • Strategy: Analysis and advice. Our consultants help you assess your digital efficiency as well as your potential for transformation; they support your initiatives, whether in digital communication, marketing campaigns, or in implementing your digital business.
  • Agility: Our certified project managers accompany your actions and the resulting changes. They understand both the issues and hesitations and play an essential role as facilitators. In an ever-changing context, our agile approach allows us to integrate new priorities, learn fast and continuously adapt.
  • Web & Mobile: Our experts help you deliver the best user experience on all screen formats while integrating your e-commerce, CRM, and content & document management platforms, as well as your training tools.
  • Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid media campaigns, social media. Our digital marketing experts help you increase your brand awareness, brand exposure, and credibility, and ultimately your results.
  • Big Data: Collecting the right data in the right places and processing it in real time enables you to understand and predict behavior patterns in a complex environment and therefore make informed decisions. The Internet of Things, the computational power of the Cloud and new real-time data processing tools allow our experts to implement today what seemed like science fiction only recently.

A Word from the Expert

Alan, Practice Leader, Digital and Big Data, Antaes

At a time when a simple tweet can ripple around the globe and make or break a reputation, it is vital to put the client’s experience at the heart of your strategy. To this end, it is necessary to have the right data, consult the right indicators at the right time, exchange in real time…

The Antaes method

There is no turnkey recipe for a successful digital turnaround. Every story is different.

Our consultants are aware of this; that is why they listen to you first before making proposals to offer you guidance and support. Our consultants will seek to understand your business, your objectives, your talents, your background, your culture and the hurdles you have to face.

Then, our experts propose the appropriate changes and accompany you in their implementation, in constant contact with all the stakeholders. The goal is for your collaborators and partners to take ownership of your digital transformation, for therein lies the key to success. Let’s do it together!

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