Antaes ist 10

2007-2017 Antaes ist 10.

In 2017, Antaes, a Swiss organization and technology consulting firm, crossed the French-Swiss border to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Nearly 150 employees gathered in the prestigious setting of the city of Chamonix for this exceptional event.

In 2007, the border that the four founders, Gilles NICOLLE, Pascal VALLET, Jean-Jacques BERTHIN and Pierre CHATIN had imagined was quite different: that of a firm of 60 people, aiming to position itself as a specialist in operational performance consulting.

Since then, Antaes has been able to successfully take steps, build and grow to reach more than 160 employees today. The key to its success? Qualified men and women, who are committed to its side, and its willingness to help its clients to accomplish their projects.

In 2017, Antaes is proud of its history and equally aware of the obvious need: go beyond the borders.




2007-2017 Antaes ist 10.