Read Alain’s profile, Antaes Consultant in Supply Chain!

Read Alain's profile, Antaes Consultant in Supply Chain!

Can you explain your background?
I followed a technical training (industrial designer, applied mechanics, etc.), which I financed partially by working in parallel in a famous fast-food restaurant. Ironically, this is where I discovered a real passion for… organization!

My first professional experience placed me in an ideal role to exploit both my „technical and organizational“ approaches to processes. My mission consisted in understanding and analyzing industrial production processes (bar turning, CNC, heat treatments…) to build the corresponding databases and integrate them into an ERP. I was then employed in this company as a planner, to operate this system, make it reliable and develop it.

I evolved during 10 years within this company until a position of logistics manager before switching to a famous Geneva writing instrument manufacturer. I was also in charge of Planning, then Purchasing and Logistics, and finally built a real Supply Chain by integrating the Back-Office.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I like the feeling of lightness that comes from being in control. As well as the ability to react to the unexpected, or the willingness to integrate new needs, to question oneself, to take a step back.

I think that it is the global understanding of the flows in the company that has allowed me to evolve, by being the one who measures the impacts, anticipates the difficulties, and pilots the day-to-day with meaning. What I like most is the feeling of „control“, I like to be perceived above all as someone who is reliable: „A good deadline? It’s not 3 days or 3 months… It’s a deadline that’s met!“

What do you like about working at Antaes?
After more than 15 years in my previous company, I was lucky enough to join the Antaes team, whose friendliness and support I would like to emphasize, with the ambition of using these transversal experiences to discover new fields. My first Antaes mission, still in progress, allows me to accompany one of our clients in its industrial relocation, and the modernization of its logistics by the integration of automated storage systems.

Do you have a particular hobby (artistic, sports, etc.)?
On a more personal level, I love sports (and not only on TV!)

When I was younger, I did a lot of skiing and competitive soccer. I still coach a soccer team, and I’ve been playing volleyball in a club for over 30 years! To me, this is the ultimate team sport.

In addition, I’m a tuba player since the age of 8, and thanks to that I had the opportunity to teach for a few years in a music school (tuba and trombone). There, I discovered the pleasure of transmitting a knowledge, as modest as it is, and of sharing ephemeral and unique moments. Music has this beautiful power

Read Alain's profile, Antaes Consultant in Supply Chain!